Family Constellation Sessions

I propose you a Family constellation session, looking at your own life from the outside with my professional psychological help. Individual session or together with your partner opens up a new vision of your life and solutions, expands your understanding of yourself and your own family's relationship system.

With the help of family constellations therapy, you can find solutions in such life situations:

a) defining life goals, complex life choices, searching for internal resources,

b) love, partnership, loneliness, loss, friendships,

c) marital difficulties,

d) sexual difficulties in a couple, sexual violence) difficulties of understanding between parents and children, childlessness, foster children,

f) extramarital relations, divorce, death of a family member, search for an unknown parent,

g) illness and symptoms of illness, illness, and death, drug and alcohol addiction, etc. addictions, co-addictions, mental disorders,

h) abuse against a family member, or committed by a family member,

i) professional self-determination,j) relationship with money,k) relations in the organization, building your own business, forecasting financial risks, etc.

Constellation Therapy session online. How does it work?

Each family member is part of the same system, and any changes affect all of its family members. Bert Hellinger, the founder of family constellation therapy, believed that if someone from the family stops communicating or has a bad relationship, then a failure of the family system can occur, which involuntarily leads to a breakdown of the entire "mechanism" such as in a car, any mechanic will tell you that any faulty part affects the safety of driving the car. Such arrangements are often group work or for couples.

Still, it can be carried for individuals out together with a psychologist, and the deputies of family members can be various objects or sheets of paper with signatures. Looking at your own life from the outside, together with a family facilitator, opens up a new vision of your life and solutions, expands your understanding of yourself. The effect of family constellations is quite strong.

My psychological constellation therapy will help you release your hidden forces, cope with chronic depression or anxiety, the intensity of which is rarely found in psychotherapy. This can be a revelation for many who decide to go through family placement and are familiar with other psychological therapy methods. Online Family constellation therapy with me can help you to find peace and love, harmony, energy, and strength to move towards change.