What is it Family constellation therapy?

Family constellation therapy is one of the young psychotherapeutic directions, the author of this method is the psychotherapist Bert Hellinger.
This method of system placement is internationally recognized. It is defined as a method of deep effective therapy.

Moreover, by attending a family placement session online, you can learn to notice problem areas in families, organizations, and other groups of people. You will resolve conflicts and find the root of your problems, which can sometimes cover the entire family and even several generations.

Even in a one-session with me, a systematic family constellation session can help you find ways to solve the problem, lay a new strong foundation for your family's future, and avoid previous repetitive family scenarios in it.

Systemic psychotherapy adheres to the following ideas:
1. The family is a system that spans from three to seven generations.
2. The family system consists of significant people for the client (parents, blood, and half-siblings, their children).
3. What happens in the family usually depends on the properties of the system itself and not on the intentions of people or their desires.
4. Problems arise because of an improperly functioning family system. It is this functioning that changes the placement of work therapy.

My Family placement Therapy by the Hellinger method also studies the orders of love: internal loyalty to other family members, which affects actions or actions concerning close people. These internal connections exist by themselves, without our awareness. At the time of the session with me, a person clearly understands his behavior and understands how existing ties with his family affect his life.

My Bert Hellinger therapy session also helps you look at your children's family scenarios from the outside. You can also change your fate for each participant in the family history during the placement process.

Always yours psychologist, Laura.