Life Coaching Sessions

Life transition | Success | Career | Health and Wellness | Cash-flow | Balance | Family coaching

Life Coaching focuses more on your future than your past in all spheres (work, career, family, health, hobbies and interests, professional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual development, overall well-being, etc.).

I can accompany you to the necessary changes in your life, the creation and achievement of your goals, and the foundation of favorable conditions for disclosing your internal forces in all spheres of your life.

I provide individual and team coaching, develop emotional intelligence, explain psychology, and provide training in management, leadership, team building, communication skills, etc.

​Even after the first session, you begin to identify your priorities and goals, and we can build your plan for achieving them.

I can support you to become more successful, to focus on the essential things, to take into account your value system, and act following it.

What are the four things you need to prepare for our coaching session?

Step 1 – Prepare.

Preparation is essential for success in each coaching session. Ask yourself the following questions, and please write down the answers:

  • What goals would you like to achieve this year?
  • What would you like to achieve in the next 2-5 years?
  • Why do you want to achieve the goals you previously wrote?
  • What are your biggest fears on the way to achieving your goals?
  • What are some present things in your life that make you feel happy and unhappy?

What do you think it will take for you to accomplish your goals?

Step 2 – Analyze & Explore your goals.

Step 3 – And now you can email me your goals and set up an appointment to help you reach your goals together.

Step 4 – Act!