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Couples issues | Relationship| Anxiety | Depression | Trauma | Life Changes

Individual therapy can help you understand yourself, your strengths and deepest fears, injuries, your values, true desires and limitations better.

​As a Certified Life Coach and therapist and I can help you to: overcome crisis, make contact with yourself, establish contact with a partner, build mutual understanding, learn to control emotions, jealousy, overcome the fear of intimacy, overcome distrust of the opposite sex, sort out the LGBT issue, get help with uncontrollable emotions, get out of depression, anxiety, get rid of panic attacks, pass stress and neurosis, overcome self-doubt, help with a painful event (loss, grief, abuse, relocation etc…), get rid of obsessive thoughts, get rid of addictions (drugs, alcohol, smoking, computer games, food, etc), defeat a phobia, restore interest to life, defeat childhood traumas (forgive parents or forgive yourself), make contact with others, understand the reasons of rejection in the family, overcome uncertainty in self-realization, feeling of isolation and loneliness, etc.

That kind of therapy is usually supposed to be long term, but even after one or several sessions with me, you will see your changes and will feel emotionally much better!

Family Therapy takes on many different shapes and forms. It can include couples therapy, siblings therapy, parents and their children therapy, many of them or all of them are combined.

People turn to therapy to learn how to navigate a new stage of life (the lack of active way of life, have better communication with family members, health problem, financial issues, cope with mood changes, retirement, a sudden death, divorce, co-parenting, etc.), to learn how to address a family member’s psychological problems (depression, anxiety, what do to when you lost meaning of life, bipolar disorders, loneliness, etc.), to overcome the family crisis, to undergo violation of sexual and family life, to make contact in the family, to establish relationship with teenager and with parents, to work with special parenthood issues (assistance to parents of special children) and more.

Bring Your Ideas to Life
Everything that you dreamed of can be brought to life exactly at the moment when you decide to win.
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