Psychological support & Palliative care

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Palliative care | Oncology therapy | Psychological and Spiritual support for people with cancer

As a Doctor in Psychology in Bereavement, my team and I provide online and personal support sessions for patients and their relatives to improve the psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental well-being of people with cancer and other severe illnesses and stay in hospices, nursing homes, hospitals, and their own homes.
The patient and his family experience significant stress, anxiety, insecurity, and helplessness, leading to deep depression and a lack of communication.

We offer palliative care to terminally ill people and their relatives, providing my time, psychological support, maintenance, and energy.

We support people who feel isolated.
Our team has had working experience with the physically disabled, the mentally challenged (autism), patients with AIDS, with cardiovascular diseases or chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, neurological diseases, dementia, congenital disorders and drug-resistant tuberculosis and any other severe illnesses and those with learning difficulties or impairments.

Spiritual Support
When a person is in a difficult situation, he usually speculates on some essential questions: why this is happening, if there is anything this person believes in now, what makes sense, how his life is changing now, who loves him and is loved by him despite anything, etc.

Our sessions can find an answer to any spiritual question and give more peace, hope, and confidence to my client and his family.

Our spiritual sessions can consist of the following:
Reading spiritual or religious literature together (Torah, Qur’an, Bible, Bhagavad Gita, etc.), watching sacred videos, discussing holy scripture, poetry, or any inspirational literature, listening to religious and spiritual items of music, praying together or doing meditation and Reiki, talking together about God, visiting Church or Synagogue and visiting support groups.

These essential resources can help my patients and their relatives return to a feeling of balance instead of depression when their lives have been turned upside down.
We can help people to sort out the crucial questions to find meaning, comfort, hope, goodness, and community amid such a crisis.

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