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My rehabilitation therapy programs are for people who are incapable for a certain period of time, with disabilities or paralyzed people.

I conduct my sessions at clients homes or in hospitals and nursing homes. The programs include physical, psychological, social and spiritual support.

I create an individual approach to my clients based on their medical history and their doctor’s recommendations.

Thanks to it, my proposed programs allow you to change and improve negative conditions of life (restoration treatment, consequences of stroke, infarction, age-related changes in the body, depression, uncertainty, inability to have the previous life style, etc) and achieve an effective long-term result.

Physical support

As a licensed body therapist and yoga instructor I provide rehabilitation therapy programs.

Every session can include exercises for various parts of the body, massages, hot stones therapy, breathing exercises, stretching and some elements of yoga.

Benefits of my body therapy programs:

Mental health: doctors have come to realize that mental and physical health are linked and help in the healing process. Massages improve mental health in paralyzed patients which boosts the immune system and reduces their chance of losing hope.

Muscle regeneration: swelling and inflammation in the muscles of paralyzed patients can be removed with massages. Deep-tissue massages that penetrate the body and loosen up tension knots in the muscles help paralyzed patients and has a positive effect on their overall well-being.

Improves range of motion: Massage therapy can boost your range of motion and help you regain control and muscle function. It slows down the rate at which muscles degenerate and can help prevent further injuries.

Reduce pain: massages can help alter your perception of pain, making it less overwhelming and allowing you to handle the pain.

Psychological support

As a certified counselor, I also offer psyhological support to people having conversations with them, sharing time, emotional care, and positive energy. I have had experience working with the physically disabled, the mentally challenged, and those with learning difficulties.

Social support

My programs are aimed to restore and develop abilities in organizing the activities of people with disabilities to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competences, and acquire the necessary experience and to form motivation for education in every day life (professional, creative, social, cultural and domestic).

I can be helpful at organizing such activities as: drawing, singing, dancing, learning a new language, reading books, watching movies, going to shopping.

As a result people get the ability to return to work, personal life, open internal reserves, restore legal capacity and full social life.

These kinds of programs are necessary to avoid any serious changes in life and health which lead to stress or disrupt the usual course of things.

Help you and your family to create a peaceful atmosphere with the help of a set of measures aimed at restoring psychological and physiological health.