My life story

Risen from the ashes

At the beginning of my life, nothing seemed to portend success, and fate was full of various crises and challenges: I was found very young in Ukraine in the winter of 1980 in a basement in a den of homeless people. That's why I don't have an exact date or even place of birth.

We had hunger, cold, overnight stays on the streets, basements, abandonment by biological parents, orphanages, physical and psychological violence and suicides, assassination attempts, and much more. As it turned out later, the parents suffered a serious death from overdoses.

Through the thorns to the stars

I was adopted by a foster family that had one difficult fate and had to take care of their dying foster father.

However, thanks to the support and faith in God and the will to live, I found the strength and resources to still get on the right path in life.

I started working early, graduated from university, and got a higher education in psychology. I have gone through many therapies, and trainings in the most successful countries of Europe and the world worked with many psychologists, life coaches, and world guru mentors, and lived in India, Brazil, and with shamans and healers of Peru and Nepal.

The art of small achievements

I studied different methods and directions of religion, spiritual practices, and numerous dark retreats. I expanded my consciousness just to overcome my childhood traumas and family karma and not to repeat the behavior model of my family by blood.

At first, I worked as a business coach and a mentor in personnel management in various successful international companies.

I also volunteered in various charitable organizations, conducted large-scale projects for orphans from orphanages, nursing homes, for cancer centers, and organized large collections for complex operations for poor families.

Never give up

In 2015, I moved to live and work in the USA.

Without knowledge of English, without money and connections, and got back on my feet from scratch: I studied a lot, got an education, and worked four jobs from renting apartments, conducting psychological sessions, massages, yoga sessions, rehabilitation for the disabled and to caring for patients in hospitals and hospices, in parallel defended the degree of Doctor of Sciences, USA and became an honorary member of the British Association of Psychologists.

My life story teaches that even if we face overwhelming difficulties, we can find our way and overcome all obstacles.

I am ready to help everyone find their resources and cope with life's challenges, creating their own unique story of achievements in life.

To do this, my team and I have created development programs for those who want to improve their lives. You can find it in the services section.

Sessions, seminars, trainings

You can ask me any question, write an email to order an individual, family, or group session, order personal psychological training for you, your family, or your company, and be sure that we will be able to give you a powerful breakthrough and correct and strong guidance in any area of your life.

Welcome to the world of incredible possibilities with Laura Bella and her team!

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