About Laura

I was born and raised in the Ukraine.

I worked in several large companies as an H.R. director.

Thereafter, I focused my energy to assist corporate management as a business coach and at the same time I was a volunteer in charitable organizations.

After several years, I decided to work in this sphere helping people with disabilities.

I have experienced various crises in my life. My biological parents had drug problems and they died at an early age. I was brought up in a foster family. My adoptive father was disabled and I took care of him all my life whether he was at home or in hospitals until he passed away in my arms when I was 17 years old.

My adoptive mother was diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, I had to mature quickly and build strength within myself and I continue taking care of her.

I worked with psychologists, counselor therapists, life coaches to heal myself work with my childhood traumas, grief, depression, anxiety, insecurity, lonelinness for years, to form my real inner goals and values, in order to come to the current stage of my maturity.

I spent many years studying and working with various masters from all over the world including India, Brazil, Peru and throughout America. I received two higher education degrees including a Master in Psychology.

The main aim of my life is to maintain balance – between mind and heart, between spiritual and material life, between work and leisure, between family, relationships, personal time and serving others. Inspiring people and creating balance in life is not my job, it is my passion and purpose.

Now I have been working and living in the USA for 5 years.

I offer the following services: life coaching for couples and families, for individuals, psychological and spiritual sessions and palliative care.

We can have personal or online sessions (via Zoom, FaceTime, etc), we can text, record audio.

Your safety is my priority and I will work with what makes you feel comfortable.

Education and training I have related to my work

  • Certified Counseling Practitioner
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Counseling Psychology Academy-Caring for Clients with Cancer
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Johns Hopkins University-The Science of Well-Being Program
  • Yale University Certified Oncology Body Therapist
  • Spiritual Care Training – VITAS Healthcare
  • Improving Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in Young Adults” CurtinX Reiki Master Level – 3
  • Trauma Informed Outreach Training Certification
  • Yoga Instructor Certification, India, Residence of the Dalai Lama
  • Life Coaching Program Certifed by Tony Robbins