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All families undergo many changes throughout life, so it's normal to experience some problems. Family therapy counseling can help you overcome these difficult times together.

The main goal of my therapy is to make your life harmonious and create positive changes in each relationship.

Creating a safe and comfortable space in family or couples sessions is essential so family members can openly and honestly express their thoughts. I start by defining the purpose of the session and identifying the central problem the family or couple is facing, as well as the desired changes they would like to see.

Here is a plan for our session

Define specific goals:

We will work together to identify specific, achievable goals for the family. These goals should be realistic and focused on the desired changes that the family has determined.

Strategy development:

Once we have identified specific goals, we will develop a strategy. This may include specific actions the family could take, such as improving communication or setting boundaries

Practice new skills

Depending on the nature of the problem, family members may need to develop new skills to achieve their goals. For example, they may need to learn new communication methods or conflict resolution strategies. We would work together to identify and practice these skills in a safe and supportive environment.


Monitoring progress:

It is essential to monitor progress toward specific goals regularly. This may include regular meetings with the family, tracking progress towards particular milestones, and adjusting the strategy as needed.

Celebrate success: Celebrating successes along the way is important, no matter how insignificant they may seem. This can help gain momentum and motivate the family to achieve their goals.

Evaluate the results: Once the family has achieved their goals, evaluating and reflecting on progress is very important. This can help identify further growth and improvement areas and note the positive changes achieved.

Premarital counseling session
Premarital counseling is a great way to prepare you for the future and strengthen your commitments to each other before marriage.
Strong Supportive Families
  • Generally, the plan will be adapted to the specific needs and goals of the family and will be developed in cooperation with them.

  • By working together and supporting each other throughout the process, a family can overcome its difficulties and create a stronger and more resilient family unit.

  • If one of the family members or partner doubts the need for therapy, it is recommended to continue the sessions individually.

"Laura is a great therapist and psychologist. My husband and I have been doing couples therapy with some individual sessions with Laura for a few months now. It was hard to see any sort of effort or progress at the beginning, but after working with her week after week, we started to see major improvements in our marriage. We are extremely satisfied with her services and best part is that she is flexible with her time and affordable with her cost. I strongly recommend working with Dr. Laura to help you get through any personal or relationship issues you may have."
Angela Williams, 2023
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