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Life Coaching

Business & Life Coaching focuses more on your future than your past in all spheres (work, career, family, health, hobbies and interests, professional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual development, and overall well-being).

I can accompany you to the necessary changes in your life, the creation and achievement of your goals, and the foundation of favorable conditions for disclosing your internal forces in all spheres of your life.

I provide individual and team coaching, develop emotional intelligence, explain business psychology, and provide training in management, leadership, team building, and communication skills.

"You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great."


  • Consulting in the field of team building and HR management systems (strategic sessions, TOP staff interviews, adaptation, evaluation, and training)
  • Effective personnel management
  • Preparation of individual development programs
  • Conducting effective meetings, webinars, mentoring, life coaching
  • Professional growth, career management, development of managerial abilities
  • Time management, development of emotional intelligence


  • The formation of goals in every sphere of life supports personal, intellectual, and spiritual growth.
  • Mentoring in goal management development of the necessary qualities, study of injuries, creation of long-term, short-term goals/plans.
  • Analysis of results, search, and implementation of individual style/ brand personality
  • Individual consultations, sessions, therapies to achieve goals

"Our cooperation with Laura aimed to develop the company's personnel through the management staff's life coaching method. In addition, Laura conducted team-building training for qualified specialists in all departments, significantly improving communication between departments. Thanks to the joint work in the company, important improvements and growth of key indicators have taken place. However, I recommend Laura for cooperation in training.

Andrian M., 2022

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