100 relationship questions that will make your marriage life better

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Here are the most important relationship questions that can improve your life with your partner.
Auditing relationships in pairs. Check your satisfaction with each other in the following aspects.
Based on the results of these questions, analyze all these areas of your life with your partner together and find compromises. Create together a plan for your overall development in each area.

What common goals, dreams, values, and desires do you have with your partner?

(Share your most important dreams and desires with your partner.)
What have you already achieved together?
What are your partner's needs?
Make a list together.

Respect for each other.

Do you respect your partner and approve of his:
- ideas, opinions, thoughts?
- feelings, desires, emotions?
- goals, values, and deeds?

Confidence and Stability.

Can you trust and rely on your partner?
What can make you mistrust your partner?
Are you sure you will be in a relationship with your partner in the near future?

Finding compromises.

What do you like and dislike about your partner? Why? What can you change?
Are you willing to compromise with your partner for a healthy relationship?
Have you ever changed anything for your partner?
Who compromises more?
What causes conflicts most often?
How do you solve them?
Do you often give up your goals for the sake of a partner? What for? Why?
What can improve your relationship today?

A clear distribution of roles between partners (home comfort, work, money, children, brothers and sisters).
What are your financial agreements and expectations from the partner?
What responsibilities do you and your partner have at home?
Do you like the place where you live? Why? What would you like to change?

Satisfaction with romantic and intimate life

(feelings expression, support, care, satisfaction with your deeds, sex, compliments, gifts, attention, touch, etc.).
How often do you have romantic moments with your partner?
What are the best moments in your relationship?
What is your and your partner’s love language?
How do you show your love to each other?
How often do you say “I love you” to each other? When was the last time you did it?
How often do you touch each other?
Do you enjoy sex with your partner? Why?
Do you have enough romance in your relationship? What would you like to have?
Do you often praise each other and make compliments?
How exactly do you influence each other's lives?

Sincerity and Trust

Do you trust each other?
How much are you responsible for your thoughts, words and deeds?
What about your partner?
Do you have any desires that you do not tell your partner about?
Do you always tell your partner if you are not satisfied with anything?
How often do you tell your partner about your needs, problems, feelings and desires?

Communication and ability to understand.

How often do you talk to each other and spend time together? Is it enough for you?
How often do you communicate on different topics? And when did you last have a deep conversation with
your partner?
Do you often listen to each other?
Do you respect each other's opinions?

Sense of humor.

Do you often make fun of each other?
How do you react to your partner’s jokes?
How often do you laugh together?

Joint development (intellectual, mental, spiritual, physical, social).

How do you develop spiritually together?
How do you develop intellectually?
How have you changed thanks to your partner?
How has your partner changed thanks to you?
What are you going to realize together this and next year?
What are your long-term goals for 3-5 years?

Caring for each other's health.

How much is it important for you to lead a healthy lifestyle?
What needs to be improved?
Do you share your eating habits with your partner?
Would you like to change them?
What kind of sports activity do you do together?
What have you done together today?

Leisure. Spending time with friends and family, hobbies, and activities.

What are your hobbies and interests?
How would you like to spend your time?
How often do you spend time with friends and family?
Who is the most important to you and your life partner?
How often do you talk and text your on the phone to your partner?
What would you like to change?

Usefulness to society.

Do you do anything to improve your surroundings?
Do you and your partner help anybody?
How often and why?
For example, charity, environment, nursing, volunteer programs, homeless animals, donations, or doing something for the company, community, or society.

Ability to rejoice, be grateful, and have positive thinking.

How often do you experience happiness together?
What do you do for each other?
What are the often most common reasons for it?

Patience. Forgiveness.

How often do you apologize for doing something wrong?
Do you easily forgive your partner's mistakes?
What mistakes would you forgive your partner for?
What mistakes would youn’t forgive? Why?

Faith, loyalty to a partner.

Do you feel jealous if your partner hangs out with a friend of the opposite sex? Why?
Do you give freedom to your partner?
Do you give enough personal space to each other?
Why could you break up with your partner?
What else is important to you in relationships?
What do you want from your partner right now?”

See if it’s possible to fix your relationship and marriage meaningfully, and let me help you create a new level of relationship together.